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Thanks to all, because company has successfully completed its 15 years with your grateful support and blessings. We are doing grand product manufacturing of FRP playground equipment’s in Pune. Company provides well designed equipment’s which are safe, durable, maintenance free, epoxy p.p. powder coated to avoid corrosion of products used for support and framing in all season. our company designs products from the social view and comfort to every user with the view of happiness and health.
Company is successfully leading the world of playground equipment’s. our equipment’s comes in different types, different designs, good quality & have the competitive rates which are reasonable. We manufacture indoor, outdoor, equipment slides, merry go round, multiply station, see-saw swings, rocker, climber, opening rider, thrillers etc. are manufactured which are used in schools, garden benches, watchman cabin different toilet cabins and much more.
We are trying to make everyone happy with our good quality, reliable, durable, safe to use equipment’s. we spread the happiness by giving you want you are really looking for by fulfilling your requirements. We are giving our 100% to make our dreams true. We are being the part to give a smile to children. We are being a part to support the needy hands.
We give good service, have speed in our work which will make the best & right use of your time. We try to connect the social world.
Company warranty 5years, &free service 1 years. For company products.

Company Goal, Stratergy & Aim

  • Skilled workers
  • Quality inspectors
  • Marketing and sales professional
  • Administrators

Core Values
Be integral with truth

Be innovative in thought and actions

be faster than earlier response

Be Open and strlier forward

Be respectful to other and self

Be a consistent self learner & develop next generation

Be helpful to society and contribute in building nation
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